Investment Policy

In most cases, trustees will want to ensure that their capital is invested to produce an income for distribution to the causes they support. They will have their own idea of what their investment objectives are and will take professional advice as to the best way to achieve this objective.

Notwithstanding advice received from professional investment advisers consulted by the trustees, the administration and implementation of the trusts investment policy can be complex and time consuming. The strategy must also take into account when money is required and ensure that enough funds are available to make fulfil commitments.


  • Ensure all paperwork is completed and returned as and when required
  • Liaise with investment advisors and investment companies to ensure that investments are proposed, made, redeemed and monitored on an ongoing basis
  • Produce reports for trustees of the performance of investments against expectation, highlighting those that have over or underperformed significantly
  • Ensure that trustees fulfil all Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering requirements

Services include

  • Administration of the foundation’s investments
  • Producing reports on investment performance, highlighting any areas of concern
  • Ensuring that all proposed investments are in accordance with charity law
  • Liaison with investment advisers and providers on behalf of the trustees

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The Alan Curtis Consultancy is not registered with the FCA and cannot and will not give investment advice. It is the responsibility of the trustees to take advice from a competent adviser and decide how they want to invest the trust’s capital. The Alan Curtis Consultancy will ensure that the investment strategy decided upon by the trustees is put into effect and that any legal obligations are discharged.