Trustees & Volunteers

Understanding the reasons stakeholders are involved, their expectations of the charity, ensuring that those expectations are realistic and that however their involvement manifests itself, they are encouraged to give their best and are shown that their work is valued.

The most successful charities thrive on the creative tensions that exist between its lay and professional leaderships and teams. Both groups will bring energy, enthusiasm and new thoughts and ideas to the table. These must be considered on their merits alone.


  • Understand your lay people’s motivation for involvement, what they are willing and able to bring to the table and how to use this for the successful design and implementation of your strategy
  • Ensure that your teams’ contributions are valued by the organisations leadership
  • See that new ideas and approaches are evaluated, based on what they contribute to successful execution of the organisations strategy

Services include

  • Support & mentoring for managers & volunteers
  • Resolution of specific problems
  • Agreeing boundaries
  • One-on-one work with individual members of the team
  • Target setting
  • Understanding different styles and approaches

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