Leadership & Motivation

Charities have become big business. The cosy world of ‘do-gooders’ doing their best for a good cause, is long-gone and as more and more organisations chase the same charitable pounds, competition is becoming fiercer and more stressful for fundraisers. To succeed, teams need to keep at top performance levels.

No one ever said this was easy, and just because you work for a charity you shouldn’t expect to get away with your teams providing lower levels of service or working less efficiently. The challenge is to keep your teams fresh, creative and motivated.


  • Inspire, incentivise, and give direction to your fundraising team
  • Set realistic short, medium, and long-term goals for your team
  • Provide a collegially competitive atmosphere
  • Agree (where appropriate) acceptable incentive payments for success

Services include

  • Ensuring that your fundraising team has clearly defined roles and a clear understanding of its responsibilities
  • Building a team whose members work together and support each other in pursuit of departmental aims
  • Identifying the key challenges facing your team, developing the processes that will help you to meet them, and putting in place structures that will deliver results
  • Enhancing the skills of existing team members, empowering them to take responsibility, use their initiative, and to excel in their roles

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