Organisational Strategy

Identifying your organisation’s vision and mission and ensuring that you stay firmly focussed on delivering on those objectives, avoiding distractions and taking on commitments outside your remit.

Typically, charities are founded as a response to one key issue, or with a vision to help in a specific area. Yet, as they develop, achieve success and grow they often get involved in other issues which can be a distraction from their vision, diluting their ability to deliver on their core mission.


  • Identify and articulate your organisations vision, mission and values
  • Identify which of your programmes advance them and which are distractions that fall outside of your core activity
  • Ensure the participation of all stakeholders in the process
  • Communicate the agreed mission and vision to all supporters and ensure that they buy-in to it

Services include

  • Development of the vision and strategy
  • Buy-in of key stakeholders
  • Departmental reorganisation
  • Staff assignment change
  • Preparing appropriate Job Descriptions
  • Progress monitoring
  • On-going review & fine tuning of the process
  • Report back to senior management and trustees
  • Managing fundraising team whilst new processes and structures are introduced

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