Fundraising Skills

Fundraisers are called upon to carry out many different functions in pursuit of their goal and it is often easy for them to get distracted or diverted from their core function of asking for money.

Most people will tell you ‘I can’t ask for money’. They can of course (and very often do during their normal business activity), they just prefer not to. By mastering a few straightforward techniques, anyone can learn to ask for money in a way that is inoffensive and won’t cause resentment or ill feeling.


  • Learn how to ask
  • Judge when to ask
  • Assess how much to ask for
  • Build deep, long-term relationships with major donors

Services include

  • Design, build, and operation of mass and high-value fundraising campaigns
  • High profile fundraising events
  • Identification and targeting of key prospects
  • Identification and presentation of specific funding opportunities
  • One-on-one solicitation and other fundraising techniques
  • Making giving donor friendly
  • Segmentation and analysis of databases

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