Training & Individual Development

Fundraising is a sales function and the best fundraisers are great salespeople. Yet salespeople in the commercial world, whilst performing a vital function, have a reputation that may not be appropriate for a charity.

The best fundraisers will come to the role with a predisposition to sell and a love of sales, a passion for the cause and, perhaps, previous involvement in its work. Some of these attributes can be learnt and by using proven sales techniques, income can be significantly increased. But the standards of ethics and morality that you set for yourselves must also be met.


  • Adapt commercial sales skills to create a practical model for effective charitable fundraising that takes into account both the donors’ and the charity’s needs
  • Develop a High Net Worth fundraising campaign through the development of strong personal relationships with major philanthropists
  • Shape your message for all areas of charity fundraising
  • Shape the strategy, management and implementation of special projects and emergency campaigns to significantly increase income

Services include

  • Sales training for Fundraisers
  • Identification and recruitment of fundraising staff
  • How to translate your passion into an effective sales pitch
  • Listening skills for fundraisers
  • GDPR, legal, and regulatory compliance training

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