Worldwide Reach

There is no more effective way to build interest or support for your cause than taking key prospects and supporters to learn at first-hand about the challenges you face and to see the programmes you fund for themselves. This is particularly true when your beneficiaries, or the programmes you fund, are in other countries.

Whilst funder visits to your projects – either for individuals, or for groups of supporters – are generally straightforward to organise, the difficulties compound when they involve international travel. If you can’t afford a dedicated staff member to coordinate these trips, you may find that outsourcing this work is the most efficient way of arranging site visits.


  • Confirm mutually agreeable programmes with your visitor(s) and the local team
  • Agree logistical arrangements
  • Leave your team free to concentrate on their regular responsibilities

Services include

  • Finding, briefing, liaising with, and supervising local agents to handle destination ground arrangements
  • Carrying out due diligence on the agents and ensuring that all agreements are watertight and enforceable
  • Ensuring that your local team understands the fundraising perspectives of the visit and are adequately briefed about the prospect(s)
  • Developing, agreeing and implementing the programme
  • Making travel, accommodation and other logistical arrangements for the visitor(s)
  • Pre-briefing the visitors before they depart
  • Pre-briefing the visitors before they depart

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