Administration of Family Trusts

Creating a trust or foundation to channel a family’s philanthropy through is not only the most straightforward way to give money to the causes that you want to support, it is often the most tax efficient. However, there are strict legal and administrative requirements and as the extent of your philanthropy grows it may become necessary to engage professional help.

Whilst you may not need a full time administrator to advise on donation strategy, research into charities that you want to support and to carry out due diligence before making commitments, or to check that commitments are fulfilled and ensure that the trust is run efficiently, effectively and in accordance with legal requirements, you could benefit from the occasional or part-time support of a fundraising professional.


  • Set up your trust or foundations office
  • Record commitments made and ensure they are paid on time
  • Act as a first point of contact for applicants
  • Communicate the results of their applications to them
  • Ensure that all legal and charitable requirements are adhered to

Services include

  • Screening grant requests for the trustees
  • Communicating with applicants about their applications
  • Ensuring grants are paid accurately and on agreed payment date
  • Keeping accurate records of all trust or foundation activity
  • Advising on compliance with the GDPR, legal and regulatory requirements

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