Change Management

Working with the team and other stakeholders during periods of major change; ensuring that they understand what is happening, the role that they must play during the process and that any doubts or queries they may have are listened to and acknowledged.

As pressure grows on charities to work more efficiently and improve their Return on Investment (ROI), they need to ensure that they work at maximum efficiency and effectiveness in pursuit of their objectives. This may often mean fundamental changes to tried and tested, much-loved ways of working.


  • Help you to ensure that your organisation is structured in the most effective way to deliver on your objectives
  • Identify and put into effect changes that need to be made
  • Ensure that the team carries on working through the period of change smoothly, positively and with minimal disruption

Services include

  • Identification of recommendations for change
  • Support & mentoring of managers
  • One-on-one work with individual members of team
  • Resolution of specific issues
  • On-going review & fine tuning of the process
  • Introduction of new systems
  • Giving fundraising management a framework for managing change

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