Ethics and Morality

Championing the ethical and moral standards expected by beneficiaries, supporters, staff and other stakeholders and ensuring that they are always met. Protecting the reputation of the charity. Ensuring that your organisation adheres to best practice and the often higher standards expected of the not-for-profit sector.

The world in which charities work is very different to the commercial world. Practices that might go unremarked in business are unacceptable in the not-for-profit sector. Yet
paradoxically, charities have a responsibility to their stakeholders to ensure they operate as efficiently as possible. In reality, there is no tension between how you present your charity to its stakeholders and the responsibility that you have to ensure that you run your organisation in a business-like manner.


  • Establish complementary outward and inward-looking ways of working
  • Ensure that your team understands how to use these approaches for the success  of the organisation
  • Set standards for your team to work towards
  • Bring the team to an understanding of what can and can’t be done

Services include

  • Setting ethical guidelines for your organization
  • Auditing the organization to discover potential and actual lapses
  • Providing training and advice on the standards expected both within the sector and in the specific organization
  • Counselling team members who are faced with an ethical dilemma and providing practical ways to deal with it
  • Advising on compliance with the GDPR, legal and regulatory requirements

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