Maintaining Momentum

The holy grail of a settled team is something that all managers dream of, but rarely enjoy for long. Staff may come and go, but your targets and objectives remain and sometimes you might need help to get through the difficult times.

Staff leave at times that suit them. They very rarely suit the charity and can cause difficulties for organisations chasing targets and deadlines. In these situations, it is critical not only to find good replacements who can hit the ground running, but also to find interim cover to maintain income generation whilst recruitment takes place.


  • Quickly find temporary cover for short to medium term staff absences
  • Maintain continuity during recruitment of new management
  • Augment the fundraising team when necessary
  • Provide interim and permanent cover for key, unfilled positions

Services include

  • Identifying and defining the staff positions required to deliver fundraising targets
  • Enhancing the skills of existing team members, empowering them to take responsibility, use their initiative, and to excel in their roles
  • Preparing appropriate Job Descriptions
  • Identification and ‘headhunting’ of suitable candidates
  • Assisting in the interviewing process and advising on candidates’ suitability for the role

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