Due Diligence

Instances of charities in the UK being run fraudulently, not spending donations on the causes they were given for, or whose costs take an unacceptably high proportion of their income, are unusual, and the sector’s regulatory authority, the Charity Commission, closely monitors charities for abuses.

The trustees of a Foundation or Charitable Trust are responsible for ensuring that the donations they make are given to bona fide charities and that they are used for the purposes that they were given for. Just as in the commercial world, caveat emptor applies, but the research can be time consuming and seem unnecessary. However, it must be done as when wrongdoing does take place, trustees can be penalised.


  • Uncover the financial history and current finances of charities the family wants to support
  • Understand and agree with recipient charities precisely what it is that you are funding
  • Monitor funded projects on an ongoing basis to ensure that donations are being used as expected

Services include

  • Carrying out due diligence on applicant charities
  • Advising trustees on probity of applicant charities
  • Independent review of project pitches and likely impact
  • Ongoing monitoring/supervision of adopted projects and periodic reports to trustees on progress
  • Prepare independent reports on impact of donations made

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