Providing a safe space and practical advice for Chief Executives and other senior managers to discuss issues that they are facing that they are not able to discuss with colleagues.

Leadership can be a very lonely place, but a problem shared is often a problem solved With his understanding of how charitable organisations work, Alan Curtis is quick to understand the issues facing senior managers and to help them to work out the real issue; to distinguish between what is important and what is urgent and to find practical solutions for moving forward.


  • Understand the real issues that are stopping you move forward
  • Distinguish between core and peripheral problems
  • Identify what has to be dealt with now and what can be dealt with at a later stage
  • Put the problem into perspective
  • Identify the goods things that your organisation is responsible for, as well as the problems
  • Provide opportunities to share your concerns with an independent, experienced charity leader

Services include

  • Finding solutions to perceived and potentially overwhelming issues
  • Putting problems into perspective across the whole of your area of responsibilities
  • Helping you to find support, advice or help
  • Providing an independent, sympathetic and supportive ‘colleague’ with whom to share your concerns
  • Providing practical solutions that will help you to focus on the job in hand

‘Please call me on 07801 695400 or email me at if you would like to have an initial conversation about this or any of the other services I can provide’