Administration & Systems

You may have the best motivated, most skilful and highly trained team members working with your donors, but if they do not have first class support from your fundraising office, donors will become disillusioned and divert their support to ‘competitor’ organisations.

‘Back-office’ functions within the fundraising office must be as efficient and effective as everything else the team does. Fundraising is no longer a cottage industry and if you don’t get it right, there are plenty of other organisations your hard-won supporters can turn to. A properly set up database with an integral Customer Relation Management (CRM) function can be critical.


  • Set standards for response to contributors and monitor them
  • Put in place systems that minimise your fundraisers’ time in the office, when they could be out with donors
  • Source the most appropriate IT support
  • Make sure your database is fit for purpose and being used to its maximum
  • Prepare template or individualised communications

Services include

  • Assessing the support needed by the fundraising team
  • Identifying and implementing the administrative systems and structures required to make your fundraising office fit for purpose
  • Advising on office processes
  • Drawing up a non-technical brief for presentation to software suppliers
  • Layman’s review of system specifications provided by IT suppliers
  • Liaison with software suppliers during design, writing or configuration, testing and implementation of new systems
  • Balancing requirements of fundraising, IT & finance teams
  • GDPR, legal and regulatory compliance training

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