Meetings & Dinners

From Parlour & Boardroom Meetings for a handful of key prospects to flagship banquets and Gala Dinners for 1,000+ people, an event is often the most effective way of getting your message across. However, events often become ends in themselves. They can become a major distraction and give your team opportunities for displacement activity which harms their non-event work.

A way around this is to outsource the event (or parts of it) to a team that has in-depth experience of organising these events, leaving your team to focus on their fundraising responsibilities.


  • Agree the objectives of your event
  • Design and implement a plan to deliver those objectives
  • Create a concept for the event
  • Maintain fundraising targets as your central focus

Services include

  • Identifying and working with third party suppliers
  • Designing and putting the event strategy into effect
  • Guest recruitment strategy
  • Arranging programme and entertainment for the event
  • Organisation of fundraising aspects of the event
  • PR & Marketing for the event

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