Commercial Awareness

The challenges faced by commercial organisations are often very similar to those faced by charities and, whilst their primary purpose is profit generation, there are many parallels between their work and the work of not-for-profits. By analysing similarities rather than differences a commercial edge may be gained.

Business can learn a lot from charities, but the general view is that these are two different worlds with little or no commonalities. By breaking down this mindset and celebrating similarities rather than differences, positive cross-fertilisation can take place. Using deep sector experience in both the commercial and not for profit worlds and being open to applying that knowledge across boundaries, insights are gained that allow the two worlds to interact, understand each other, and mutually benefit from each other’s experience.


  • Think outside your organisation’s box
  • Learn from experiences in different but analogous environments
  • Cross boundaries
  • Improve your understanding of sales, marketing and PR
  • Understand how the profit motive can shape activity

Services include

  • Sales training programmes
  • Identifying and applying your USP
  • Making connections
  • Developing your strategy

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