Foundation & Charitable Giving

Family Offices are well established in the United States and becoming increasingly common in the UK. They look after a wide range of the family’s business and financial affairs which will include the family’s foundation or charitable giving.

The Family Office team will have financial acumen but may not be experienced in the charity world. They will therefore need help to give the trustees advice on their grant making strategy, specific charities or projects to support, or to ensure that the strategy is executed in accordance with the trustees wishes and that the foundation fulfils its legal obligations.


  • Formulate the giving strategy of your foundation/charitable trust
  • Uncover the financial history and current finances of the charities you wish to support
  • Understand and agree with recipient charities precisely what it is that you are funding
  • Monitor funded projects on an ongoing basis to ensure that donations are being used as intended

Services include

  • Carrying out due diligence on applicant charities
  • Visiting Charities to meet senior executives and project leaders
  • Advising trustees on probity of applicant charities
  • Independent review of project pitches and likely impact
  • Ongoing monitoring or supervision of adopted projects and periodic reports to trustees on progress and impact
  • Preparation of independent reports on impact of donations made
  • Advising on compliance with the GDPR, legal and regulatory requirements

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The Alan Curtis Consultancy is not registered with the FCA and cannot and will not give investment advice. It is the responsibility of the trustees to take advice from a competent adviser and decide how they want to invest the trust’s capital. The Alan Curtis Consultancy will ensure that the investment strategy decided upon by the trustees is put into effect and that any legal obligations are discharged.