Speaker Tours

Having a leading protagonist for your cause, or a celebrity who endorses your work, as a guest speaker is often the most interesting and effective way of attracting people to meetings, dinners or other events. The events may be fundraising or for information/awareness but holding a series of events with the same speaker over a limited period can be a cost-effective way of widely disseminating your message.

The speaker tour is a tried and tested way of both increasing awareness of your cause and raising money, but liaising with your speaker, agreeing visit dates, parameters of meetings, and making the logistical arrangements, can be time consuming and distract your team from your principle reasons for holding the meeting.


  • Confirm a mutually agreeable programme with your speaker
  • Make sure that they understand what you do and will speak positively about it
  • Agree logistical arrangements
  • Leave your team free to concentrate on their regular responsibilities

Services include

  • Developing, agreeing and implementing the speaker programme
  • Briefing the speaker on your organisation
  • Briefing the speaker on the tour programme
  • Making travel, accommodation, and other logistical arrangements
  • Accompanying the speaker during the tour

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