Working with organisations during the merger process to ensure that there is a smooth transition into one organisation and that leading supporters maintain their involvement during and after the period of change.

The merger of two charities can be the most challenging manifestation of ‘Organisational Change’. Longstanding and deeply-held (often emotionally based) loyalties are challenged and tensions can develop between staff and other stakeholders in the merging organisations. The merging charities will want to ensure that they are able to continue their ‘specialist’ services after merger and ensure that stakeholders are informed and supportive of the process. The changes to protocols and processes that result from merger can have a significant affect on supporters, donors, staff and beneficiaries and their involvement with the charity.


  • Bring both teams together, emphasise commonalities, map out and implement a process to drive the new organisation forward and demonstrate how the sum of two separate organisations can be greater than the individual parts.
  • Identify the core values, effectiveness and delivery of each organisation and produce a synthesis of them that will take the merged organisation forward.
  • Help to positively, but honestly, communicate the changes being made to all involved stakeholders, so as to minimise disruption, personnel changes and donor attrition
  • Use the changes to increase awareness of your charity, reinforce stakeholder loyalty and increase income.


  • Implementation and overseeing the merger process
  • Support & mentoring of managers
  • One-on-one work with individual members of the team
  • Resolution of specific problems
  • On-going review & fine tuning of the process
  • Introduction of new systems and processes
  • Developing a PR & Marketing programme

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