The Case for Support

You know why the organisation you work for is important and deserves support, but its easy to fail to realise that for supporters it may just be one of several superficially similar organisations vying for their support.

A well written, compelling and persuasive Case for Support will give potential supporters the essential facts about your organisations need for their support in non-technical language and is a key tool for lay and professional fundraisers. Writing a Case for Support is a skilled exercise which not only requires identification of why the organisation needs support (it’s USP), but also insight into what motivates supporters to give.


  • Collate the information that needs to go into a Case for Support
  • Identify major donors’ patterns of giving and of their motivations for supporting any given charity
  • Produce a clear, lucid and concise Case for Support which will speak to contributors and potential contributors
  • Include relevant information that speaks to the donor, rather than what you may think is important

Services include

  • Identification of the organisations USP
  • Research into the key facts about the cause or issue for which support is being sought
  • Writing the Case for Support
  • Using knowledge and understanding of donors’ patterns of giving and of their motivations for supporting given charities, to ensure that the most appropriate information for prospective supporters is included

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